Monday, June 22, 2009



Oil on Canvas Panel
11x14 inches
Alabama State Fair, Montgomery

I went to the state fair in search of animals. There is a difference between seeing farm animals on the farm and seeing them at the fair getting ready for competition. They are not just your average cows, pigs, chickens, etc., but the best of the best the owners have to offer.

I like the whole look and feel of the buildings set up as temporary barns. The atmosphere is alive and moving with these magnificent animals who are accompanied by their proud owners sharing in the glory.

I immediately saw the painting I wanted. It was a perspective of the whole building with long lines of Brahma cows and bulls, people walking, and light streaming in from the windows. I set up and got started immediately. After about 45 minutes, I was hopelessly mired in details and struggling with the fact that cows like to stand up and sit down........frequently! Finally I took some turps and wiped the whole thing down. I really hate to give up on any painting. As I was finishing this, I noticed that the cow beside me seemed to have dozed off. Smiling to myself, I turned the easel and began a head and shoulders of my sleepy subject.

These cows are very adorable in an odd way. They have ears like a lop rabbit, wrinkles like a Sharpia puppy, and a camel's hump over their shoulder blades. It’s almost as if Dr. Seuss had a hand in their creation.

She slept just long enough for me to get the sketch and then woke, stood up, stretched, turned and took aim at my paint box. I moved it just in time.

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