Monday, June 29, 2009



Oil on Linen
8x10 inches
Spring of 2006
H & G Horse Quarters, Auburn, Alabama

The nice thing about painting a horse in its stall is that they can't walk away from you. I was painting at H & G Horse Quarters, a stable where my wife and daughter ride.

The horse's name is Hershey and he is dark brown. The sheen on a groomed horse is a great reflector of light and although the horse was in silhouette by the window, he had reflections of the warm and cool light all over his body.

Painting in a barn has its limitations though. These mostly consist of not having enough light and the drawbacks that come from that. Luckily, this painting is mostly shapes with the biggest shape not moving at all!

Most of the barn activity went on as usual while I painted and I think I will venture into barns more often. Despite the lack of good light from which to paint, they have an abundance of dazzling light effects which I wish to explore further on canvas.

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