Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fish Ponds

Fish Ponds
Canvas on panel
8 x 10 inches
October 7, 2009
Auburn, Alabama

The first sign of Auburn University to be seen when driving in from Highway 280 are the fish ponds. They have always intrigued me but I never really stopped to look.

If you really want to know about something set up an easel on the opposite side of a no trespassing sign. I was soon visited by the director of fisheries who very politely asked me to ask them first before setting up. He then told me of the facility and I was surprised to hear that it covers 1800 acres! He assured me that there are many more views to paint on the property.

As long as I call first I am welcome to see them. You can be sure that I will be back soon.

If you would like to buy "Fish Ponds" please contact Ronald Bayens

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