Sunday, October 11, 2009

Toomers Corner Overcast

Toomers Corner Overcast
Canvas on panel
8 x 10 inches
October 7, 2009
Auburn, Alabama

Toomers corners is the most iconic place in Auburn next to Samford Hall. I have always wanted to paint it but like so many other things that are right next door I have passed it up. The corner and its old live oak tree are most associated with the ritual of toilet papering the tree after winning football games. It is a magnificent sight when the tree is draped in all that white. The only people in town who don’t like it are the folks who have to clean up the mess.

For the rest of the time Toomers corners is a well travelled cross roads in town. I set up under the awning of Toomers drugstore. It was raining like crazy and the shelter worked well. Halfway through the sun came out and it was hot humid and miserable, then came the bugs. Such is outdoor painting I picked up the pace and by the time I finished my “overcast” painting it was blazing sun.

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