Monday, August 3, 2009

Back From Canada!- Leaving the Shade

Leaving the Shade
Oil on Canvas
8 x10 inches
Auburn, Alabama

This was attempting to paint the heat of Alabama. I was looking for a place to paint in Auburn and I thought the farmers market would be the perfect choice. I packed up all my stuff, went to the market, bought some flax seeds, looked all around and decided that nothing was doing it for me . With that the case I didn’t want to fail at a painting with an audience.
I drove over to the area where the university studies cattle. I never could resist a cow painting. The cows however had taken refuge from the sun under the tall pine trees. I was tired of looking for something to paint so I settled on the trees.
The light was very harsh so I decided to boost the color and show the heat. Toward the end of the painting the sun was going down and out came the cows. I kicked around the idea of putting them in for about 5 minutes and before they got too close sketched them in.

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