Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hazy Morning Crops

Hazy Morning Crops

Oil on Canvas
24 x30 inches
Auburn, Alabama

I recently was at an all week “plein air painting festival”. There were about forty painters and each morning they would stamp our canvases and send us to a location to paint.
It was a wonderful experience and the painters ranged from amateur to professional. One of the professionals was a young Russian who could paint large paintings outdoors. It was magical to watch. I was hooked and vowed to try it.
This painting was my first large outdoor painting. I had also wanted to do a “color keyed” landscape for a while. It was hot and I thought a high key yellow green would show the humidity well. I tore into it and soon discovered that larger canvases are really just a mental exercise. Just use a bigger brush and stand back farther.
I hope to do more.

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