Thursday, July 9, 2009



Oil on Linen
8x10 inches
Spring of 2005
Greystone Mansion, Auburn, Alabama

It still amazes me when I see daffodils blooming in February. Alabama has the most beautiful spring of any place I have ever been. It's warm but not hot, everything is in bloom, and the flowers are well planned out in the planting phase. When some blooms are ending, others are beginning and the beauty seems to last forever.

People often ask me what spring is like in Ontario, Canada. Well, after a long hard winter, the snow usually melts quickly from rain into a dirty blackened mess. Then just for fun, it all freezes again. Once the snow melts for good, you go out in the yard and find all the toys , mittens, hats etc. that the kids lost in the snow and all the presents from the dog which remained freezer fresh for the last three months. After about two weeks of flowers and rain, the bugs come out. Yes, I like spring in Alabama!

This little still life was a whim. I had picked the daffodil and had it in my studio. I looked around for a suitable container and all I found was a small plastic jar. It needed something else so I went out and picked a tiny rose.

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